Stories from the USS South Dakota
UPDATED -02/06/11

Welcome to the USS South Dakota Story section where we have first-hand stories and accounts from former shipmates on display on the next several pages. Archived story links are below or will be added as time permits.

Story Archive - Documents

George Anderson's Story Linton J. Arnsdorff Story
Arthur E,Bakk Story Terry Barge Story
Herman Barnett Story Roy Belding Story
Frank N. Cantanese Story Robert Bogard Story
Charles Cavell Story Max V. Kruichak Story
Enrico B. Cessarini Story Donovan Charles Story
Clint Coulbourn Story Bernard Curtin Story
Charles F. Daugird Story Leon Fowler Story
Francis Freely Story Donald C. Guelich Story
James Haynes Story Richard Heine Story
Samuel T. Hutchins Story Charles R. King
Bernis H. KellerStory Joseph Leger Story
Joseph Leible Story Harry J. Lufft Story
O.A. Madison Story Leo C. Maples Story
Robert McCollough, Jr. Eugene Montieth Story
James F. Mulvey Story Frank T. Murphy Story
Cledit Nelson Story Frank Niekrasz Story
Robert Ogle Story Felix S. Oliva Story
James B. Oliver Story William Quain Story
Elmer Pry Story Richard Silvers Story
Lonnie Roberts Story Dwight Smith Story
Charles H. Taillie Story Warren Taylor Story
Bryon A Tietjen Story Michael Valanzola Story
Edward L. Weiss Story Al Wier Story
David Woodward Story George Workman Story